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Affordable Life Coach Certification

affordable life coach certification

If you’re thinking about becoming a life coach, you’re probably wondering how to get an affordable life coach certification. Thankfully, there are several affordable programs available. These include the iNLP Center, CTA, and Transformation Academy. But how can you choose the best one? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each. This article will provide some information on some of the most affordable options. And keep in mind that these programs are not all created equal. Some of the programs are geared more toward general coaching than specific ones.


You can choose between the online and in-person Life Coaching Certification courses. Whether you choose the online or in-person program, this certification will help you become a successful coach. The curriculum covers topics such as goal setting, attaining goals, maintaining and fine-tuning them, and overcoming obstacles. Throughout the course, you will learn real-life examples and gain the psychological skills needed to help others achieve their goals.

The CTA curriculum is designed to be flexible and self-paced, focusing on the Four Pillars of Wisdom: Knowledge, Data, Experience, and Information. You can combine these elements to tailor your training to fit your specific needs and your personal preferences. CTA also uses the Circle of Learning methodology, which emphasizes real-world contexts as the best places to learn. Those who choose CTA will gain knowledge of a wide range of topics, including the business side of coaching.

iNLP Center

The iNLP Center’s affordable life coach certification program focuses on the skills needed to create high-level transformation. The iNLP program also focuses on creating clear coaching goals for clients and overcoming common mindsets. As a life coach, creating transformation is a key part of your value proposition. The iNLP program also helps you build a solid coaching business with methods that will help you leverage your clients’ success and generate long-term referrals.

There are two types of programs available: the Core Essentials Program and the Fast Track Program. The Core Essentials program is priced at $3,995, and includes all the necessary materials and resources. The Fast Track Program costs $5,095 and requires a one-on-one mentor. The program is a three-month course. The program is recommended for those seeking an affordable life coach certification. The iNLP Center’s training courses are ICF-accredited, and the price can be paid in three installments.

Transformation Academy

If you want to become a certified life coach, the course at Transformation Academy is an excellent choice. The course includes 3 hours of on-demand video, printable worksheets and continuing education credit, and a certificate of completion. The instructor, Michelle B, has excellent motivational skills and the courses are taught in bite-sized half-hour on-demand video lessons. Each module covers different topics such as anti-vision, creating values, the 80/20 rule, and day mind training exercises. The training course also includes downloadable resources and a 1-month free trial, and access to over 29,000 other online classes.

In addition to their affordable course fee, Transformation Academy also offers a coaching community. It is run by a husband and wife duo, who make the coaching training courses affordable and accessible to their students. Clients of the Transformation Academy ravage about the training programs, and many report positive momentum in their coaching practice. The course consists of four modules, and students must pass all four to graduate. The transformation Academy course is ICF-accredited and taught by world-class instructors.


While the cost of a UCI life coach certification program is quite reasonable, there are some disadvantages to choosing this particular school. While this type of training is ideal for aspiring life coaches, it is not for people who are not interested in earning a professional degree. UCI offers both instructor-assisted and self-study options for aspiring coaches. The UCI Life Coach Training course is a 12-week course that teaches you the basics of coaching, including how to conduct a session. The curriculum is divided into two parts: pre-class online training and in-class training, which includes self-reflection exercises and coaching practice.

Although the UCI program is not the cheapest, it is the most affordable. You can complete the course for just under $1000, which is less than four times the price of a comparable program. If you are worried about paying the entire cost, there are payment plans for two and three months, as well as optional add-ons that will help you save money. In addition, the UCI program includes 30 CCEUs hours of approved courses through the International Coach Federation. This is the minimum requirement to earn a coach certification from the ICF, which requires 60 hours of training.